Natalie Wood Designs

A brand that was focused on designing beautiful, affordable luxury jewelry, but also was rooted with a strong foundation of community. Today, our mission remains to design jewelry women feel beautiful wearing and to inspire and encourage them to live beautifully.

Our Mission is to . . .

Creating a community to encourage and inspire women is at the ❤ of Natalie Wood Designs. Think of us as your cheerleaders. We are cheerleaders for women and we are so proud to create a company around building women up. Building Y O U up!

From the beginning, we have been passionate about using the Natalie Wood Designs brand as an opportunity to impact lives through giving. Contact us here to learn more.

Wearing jewelry is one thing. Wearing jewelry with purpose is a whole different story. So much goes into the design of our jewelry but above all, I design every piece with purpose so that you can wear that piece with purpose: with fire in your soul and grace in your heart.