"Slow To Speak" Sloth Necklace

"Slow To Speak" Sloth Necklace

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“Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our souls.” ~ William Chapman

Being a young girl today is super tough. (In fact, being an adult is also!)  We scrutinize others {and ourselves} to the point that we can feel pretty hopeless.  The way we look, how we walk, what we wear, how we do in school, our athletic abilities ~ nothing is off limits. It seems that anything and everything we do can be a target for unwelcome comments and even bullying from others.

Taming our tongues is one of life’s greatest challenges!  It is our first reaction to respond in defense when others are unkind.  Jesus teaches us that the tongue can speak life or death and it is more powerful than we can imagine.  We can use it to build up or tear down. Let this little cutie bring you a daily reminder of the power of your words.  Let it encourage you to slow down, reflect on God’s Word and positive thoughts, and to react with love rather than hate.  And in the process, watch your world change for the better.

A sweet little sloth is .925 sterling silver and strung on a shimmering 14-16 inch sterling silver chain